• Our professional bathers will bathe and blow dry your pet, after which one of our professional groomers will do a brush out, trim the nails, inspect and clean the ears, and express the anal glands (upon request).


    Baths $40.00 & Up
    Mini Dogs (under 5 lbs) $30.00 & Up

    Bath & Cut (Price reflects coat condition)

    Small Dogs $65.00 & up
    Med. Dogs $70.00 & Up
    Large Dogs $75.00 & Up
    XL Dogs $95.00 & Up


    Premium Shampoo or Conditioner $5.00
    Flea or Skunk Treatment $10.00
    Blueberry Facial $10.00
    Pad Balm $6.00


    Teeth Brush $10.00
    Teeth Scaling (by appt only) $210.00